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Double Ended Crochet Hook

I’ve been teaching myself how to use a double ended crochet hook. I got a pattern book on ebay that uses this method. (crochenit Easy cuddly Critters by Carolyn Christmas) It’s out of print, but there were quite a few available, so just keep checking if any of you are interested. I’m making Bartholomew Bear. He’s turning out to be much larger than I thought he would. I hope I have enough yarn to finish him.

Mattel Knitting Machine

I managed to get a 1974 mattel knitting machine from ebay and it works beautifuly. My R.A. has REALLY been bothering me a lot lately and the crank knitter has not been bothering it at all. I’m one of those people who needs to constantly be doing something with my hands (I start to get stressed out if I don’t. Crafting enhances my calm.) and R.A. can slow that down quite a bit. I can see myself using this little cutie a lot. The one I bought still had the pattern book with it, so it was a really lucky find. I’ve been making the “puffs” or “granny circles” that are in the book. They are supposed to be sewn together to make something larger. They are basically a knitted version of the yo yo’s that people make out of cloth.


Project Book

Project Book

DIY Yarn Bowl

DIY Yarn Bowl

I came across this today and just had to share. Such a cool idea.

Knitting Goodies

I love it when my piggy bank gets full! It means I get to make a trip to the local coin star machine then shopping for crafting goodies. Today I was able to score TWO really awesome things with my piggy bank money. The first one is a 1970’s Mattel knitting machine with the pattern book. My main reason for wanting it is so I can make a knitted version (rather than the sewn version) of yo yo’s. The instructions for the knitting machine calls them “granny circles”. The other thing I got was the kb all-n-one loom. It can be a round loom, knitting board, and a rake knitter. I’ve wanted that thing since I first laid eyes on it, but just haven’t been able to because of the price and distance I would have to drive to get it. (after paying for the gas to get to hobby lobby I wouldn’t have enough money left to buy the loom!) but I was able to get it today because it was 40% off. *happy dance* So excited


my furbaby made sure he got into the picture. lol!

EDIT: After I received the knitting machine the year that is printed on the bottom is 1974

Basic Shawl


I couldn’t find a loom pattern for the type of shawl I wanted, so I’m just winging it. I’m making a basic rectangle shawl. I may or may not add pockets to it when I’m done. Not sure at this point. How I’m doing it is… I have my Martha Stewart loom set to large gauge (the pink pegs) 64 pegs. Using one strand of Bernat Soft Boucle Knitting flat. e-wrap cast on. purl one row. e-wrap stitch the next row. repeat those two rows until desired length. Warning! If you use this yarn, because of the way this yarn is made, you need to knit very loosely or your yarn WILL break.

Martha Stewart Loom


I recently sold a stuffed animal I crocheted and used the money I made from it to buy my daughter and I each a Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom. I’m loving all the different looms I can make with it. It feels sturdy in my hands when I use it. I also really like that I can use large gauge or small gauge pegs. I always hated the fact that I couldn’t use a single strand of worsted weight yarn with my Knifty Knitters. I CAN do that with the Martha Stewart loom. So far the only thing I’ve found about this loom that is a bit bothersome is that when I’m using my small gauge pegs some of them want to wiggle loose. On the up side though I figured out a little trick to help with that. At the bottom of the peg. The end that inserts into the loom… the pegs have a gap in the center… If I use something (coin or back side of a butter knife) to widen the gap a little  on the ones that are doing that, it has been taking care of the problem. Other than that, it’s been a nice loom to use and I’ve really been enjoying it.

My First Yarn


I finished my very first two ply yarn! Ok, I know it’s not very good. It’s got really thick parts and really thin parts and parts that are over twisted and parts that are under twisted, but I still like it. I made it myself and to me it looks awesome. 🙂

Drop Spindle


I decided I wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn. I’ve been wanting to do it every since I was a little girl and saw a spinning wheel for the first time. Not willing to plunk down the kind of money it would take to buy a spinning wheel  not even knowing if spinning is something I would like enough to do on a regular basis. I watched every spinning video I could find on youtube then hoped on over to the etsy web sight and bought a top whorl drop spindle. The lady who I bought the spindle from was nice enough to give me a sample of roving so I was able to try right away instead of having to weight around for the roving I ordered from someone else to arrive. ILOVE IT! I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge. I’m having so much fun!  I love handling the fiber. The wool sample I was sent is sooooo soft. I can’t weight to knit or crochet something with it. It’s such a pleasure to handle. I’m also very pleased with the spindle I chose. It weighs one ounce and has a stone whorl. It’s extremely well balanced and will spin like the energizer bunny (it keeps going and going and going) Not to mention how pretty I think it is. The lady who made it did a wonderful job. Expect to see more spinning posts because I… am… hooked.

Sock Yarn!

 My husband motioned to me. “What is it Sweetie?” I ask. “Your worlds are about to collide.” He says and leads me around the corner and in my mind I could hear angels singing, for there in front of me was a clearance section filled with soooooooooock yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrnnnnnn. I went in the store for two balls of sock yarn and left with an entire bag full!! Yes…. The Lord blessed me that day with sock yarn goodness. May I choose my patterns wisely and may my family’s feet be toasty warm in hand knit wool socks for years to come. Aaaaaaamen……