I thought I had learned all the different ways to knit socks. I know how to knit them on two single point needles, I have knit them on sock looms, using four double pointed needles, using five double pointed needles, using a single 32″ circular needle (aka magic loop) and using two 16″ circular needles. I thought that was it. I thought I had hit a wall and there were no more options left, but a few days ago, I was happy to discover I was WRONG. Yea!

Apparently there are a few companies who make 9″ circular needles. I didn’t even realize there was such a tiny creature as a 9″ circ! This is exciting! Why is the prospect of knitting with a 9″ so exciting to me? Well because I LOVE all those pretty lacy sock patterns, but I find them extremely difficult on anything but my sock loom and I have a hard time finding fancy sock patterns with the right number of stitches for my loom. You see with all the other methods there are what we knitters like to call “joins”. Where one section of knitting “joins” to the next to make a continuous spiral to make a tube instead of a flat panel that would have to be sewn together afterwards. If you are knitting socks using 4 DPN’s there are three joins, 5 DPN’s four joins, magic loop=two joins, and two circs two joins as well, BUT being able to use only one 9″ circular….. NO JOINS!

Here’s a video demonstration I found on youtube.