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Jeans and T shirt


OK she’s not naked anymore. I used scraps from some of my old clothes and made her some jeans and a T shirt. The pattern I used was a wardrobe pattern also from the dinky baby company sized for the 8″ dinky baby/kid.

New Doll

I just finished making a new doll. I used the 8″ Dinky Kid pattern from the Dinky Baby company. I still need to make clothes for her, but I’m just to tired right now. All my fabric is in a big plastic tub under other big plastic tubs. All of which are very heavy. Sooo.. her clothes are just going to have to wait until later.


In the mood to sew

Felt like sewing lately. Like before it’s hand sewn, not machine. I really only like using my sewing machine for larger projects, like clothes for an adult or older child. Sometimes I’ll use it if I need to make several things and I’m in a time crunch. Other than that it’s hand sewing for me. Just something about it I find relaxing. One of the things I’ve sewn is a doll dress for my 14.5″ fisher price “little mommy sweet as me” doll. The dress is from a McCall’s sewing pattern. The pattern number is (M4338) and the dress is listed as (D). The other thing I made is another “dinky dinky” from I also knitted him a little bear to hold. That was a free knitting pattern I got from here. I used sock yarn and size 2 needles to make him. I also cut the numbers in the pattern in half to get him the size I needed him to be.

About Monstered out!

Wow, I’m about monstered out! I’ve finished knitting a red and white one. I’m almost done knitting a green and white one and I still need to knit a green and red one. Not to mention assembling them all in time for Christmas to give to my kids. When the monsters are done, I’m going to take a knitting break. I’ve been thinking about embroidery. I haven’t done that in a long time. Maybe decorate some jeans with it. I’ve never done punch embroidery I’ll probably do that next. I got the punch needle I need off ebay for about $3.00 . I remember a really pretty piece that my Uncle Cassie made with punch embroidery. It was a big eagle on the back of a denim jacket. I wouldn’t want to use it on every thing, because the designs are so thick, but for certain things I think it would look real nice. Like maybe school themed sweat shirts for my kids. (similar to what’s on letter jackets) I also wouldn’t mind sewing some more dolls. There’s a friend of mine I’ve been wanting to make one for. She is older and doesn’t have any kids, but I think she would like it. She could sit it next to her computer and it could smile at her for me. 🙂