I’ve done SHUTTLE tatting off and on for quite a few years now and I enjoy it very much. BUT…. I’ve always had a hard time getting it to look as neat as I would like. Other people look at what I’ve done and they think its “So pretty!” but to me it looks sloppy. I see all kinds of mistakes and no matter how hard I try I just can’t quite seam to get it the way I want it. Yesterday I taught myself how to NEEDLE tat. For me it was easier to learn than the shuttle and the work I did turned out nice and neat. I enjoyed it a lot, but for some reason I find shuttle tatting a little moreĀ entertainingĀ than needle tatting. Probably because my hands feel like they are DOING more when I shuttle tat. BUT… Needle tatting doesn’t seam to bother my arthritis as much and that means I will be able to tat more often. šŸ™‚


Here’s a photo of my first NEEDLE tatted project. I should have put something in the photo for sizeĀ comparison. Sorry about that. It’s about the size of a dime though.

If you areĀ interestedĀ in learning how to tat, youtube has some great how to videos.