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Double Ended Crochet Hook

I’ve been teaching myself how to use a double ended crochet hook. I got a pattern book on ebay that uses this method. (crochenit Easy cuddly Critters by Carolyn Christmas) It’s out of print, but there were quite a few available, so just keep checking if any of you are interested. I’m making Bartholomew Bear. He’s turning out to be much larger than I thought he would. I hope I have enough yarn to finish him.

Loom Knit Complaint

I enjoy loom knitting, but I don’t do it as often as needle knitting, because there just aren’t that many patterns for loom knitting out there. There are quite a few for the large gauge looms like the knifty knitters, but very few for the smaller gauge. My preference is for smaller gauge. I just like the way it looks better. I wish more people would realize what a nice tool knitting looms are and start making patterns for them. Since I live in Texas, preferably something other than HATS. If someone could make a pattern book full of small gauge loom knitted toys… That would be awesome. Please and Thank You.

Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

I think I’m going to give this a try. I’ve never done socks toe up before.

Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

via Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern.