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Watch “Sketchbook” on YouTube

A flip through of my 2013 sketchbook.

Some More Art

Not a lot happening with me. I’ve been doing more art work. Still loving working with my copic markers and I’m also trying to teach myself how to watercolor. so far my favorite watercolor technique is line and wash. That’s what the caterpillar is. I’ve also been experimenting with combining the copics and watercolor together in the same picture. That’s what the little monster at the fair is. The play room drawing was done using prismacolor pencils.


Been Arting

I haven’t been doing much yarn work. I got kinda disgusted with the pattern book I’ve been working out of for the tunishian crochet. It’s not very well written and it annoys me. So instead I’ve been working on my doodling. Or as I tell my husband when he asks what I’m doing. I’m arting. LOL! 


Based on my youngest son’s nick name and personality.

Here’s a drawing I did yesterday in the car while I was waiting for the kids to get out of school. (the pencil part) then last night I did the inking. I used Copic markers. I really like them a lot. Very nice to work with. The kind I use are the Copic Sketch.  I’m working on getting more colors a little at a time. They are a little spendy and that’s reason I can only get a couple at a time instead of buying a set, but they are also refillable, and that saves money in the long run.