Anyone who knows me knows I love, love, love my Knit Picks nickle plated needles. I love the pointy tips (awesome for k2tog), the smoothness of the nickle (yarn just glides across them), and the thin flexible cords (makes magic loop easy peasy). Here’s my problem….. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and knitting last winter with my pretty nickle needles became VERY unpleasant. When I would hold my metal needles the cold would seep into my joints and just plain hurt. What I ended up doing so that I could actually stand to knit was to buy a couple of birch wood needles and a bamboo sock needle. They took care of my cold needle issue until the weather got warmer, but money is tight, winter is coming again, and I can’t afford to buy all the different size needles I need in bamboo or wood. I don’t mind buying a couple here or there in sizes I use a lot, but an entire set is just out of my price range right now. Sooo….. With that in mind I decided on buying a Denise Kit. They are much more affordable than buying a similar set in wood and to make it even MORE affordable, I bought a seconds kit. (that just means I got 20% off because the little box they come in has some sort of defect. The needles themselves have nothing wrong with them) They are made of resin which is not supposed to be as grabby with the yarn the way it is with many types of plastic or acrylic needles. (I like my yarn and needles to play nicely with each other) Here are also two other big selling points for me. 1.) Denise needles are made in the USA. 2.) They have a life time guarantee. I ordered them last night and will post what I think about them when they get here.