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Jeans and T shirt


OK she’s not naked anymore. I used scraps from some of my old clothes and made her some jeans and a T shirt. The pattern I used was a wardrobe pattern also from the dinky baby company sized for the 8″ dinky baby/kid.

New Doll

I just finished making a new doll. I used the 8″ Dinky Kid pattern from the Dinky Baby company. I still need to make clothes for her, but I’m just to tired right now. All my fabric is in a big plastic tub under other big plastic tubs. All of which are very heavy. Sooo.. her clothes are just going to have to wait until later.


Basic Doll

Finished knitting the Basic Doll pattern from the book Toys To Knit. I like how she turned out. I think she looks a little like those creatures from the movie Dark Crystal.


Summer Dress


I finished this outfit yesterday. I made it for my 18″ Asian Madame Alexander doll. It’s the Summertime Susie pattern from the Fun-to-knit Doll Clothes book. It’s a VERY easy pattern and would be great for a beginner.