Making Lace

I haven’t completed anything new lately, but I am crafting. I’ve been practicing my tatting. Just making a long piece of lace. It’s not for anything in particular. I have just been feeling like tatting. Nice thing about tatting compared to crocheted lace is that since it is a form of knotting, it can be cut to the size I need. If I was to try to do that with my crochet without a LOT of effort on my part it would come completely unraveled. When I use a crocheted lace edging I prefer to crochet it directly onto the item I’m working on. Tatting on the other hand, there may be a few stitches that come undone, but that’s it. It’s for that reason I like keeping a long piece of tatted lace in my sewing box. I can easily add it as last minute decoration to something.

Easy DIY French


I used to free hand my french manicure or I would use those little nail stickers, but I’m finding as I get older my hands will suddenly start to tremble and mess up what I’m doing. A few years ago I bought one of thoes nail art stamping plates just to try out. I liked it a lot and I’ve since added the plain french plate (non decoriated) and it has been the easiest method of doing a french mani I think I have ever seen, not to mention pretty darn economical. (compaired to other methods that give you simular quality) The plate I’m usung is the Konad m19 plate. Normaly the Konad plates go for around $7 or $8 but I got mine for less on an ebay auction. If you don’t want to pay that much or can’t manage to get one at auction. There are other brands out there. I can’t say how well they work, because at this point I haven’t tried any of them. Also when I’m using my plates I use “specieal” stamping polish. There are some people who say you can use any regular polish to do this, but every time I have tried the image has come out bloby. When I use the stamping polish I get nice clean lines. There are a few differant companies who manufacture the stamping polishes for differant prices. The two I’ve tried are the Konad brand and the Salon Express brand. Both have worked really well. The only catch to using the stamping polishes is that #1 you MUST use a top coat, other wise the first time you wash your hands your images will wash away. #2 You can’t use just any old top coat and as far as wich ones work it’s really a hit and miss. The only two I know for sure work is the Konad brand that is specifacly made for use with stamping polish and the Seche Vite top coat. I’ve never seen Konad any place local, but the Seche Vite is carried at our local walmart. If any of you are intrested in doing your nails this way, I recomend heading on over to you tube. That way you can see it in action.

EDIT: I bought some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri yesterday and decided to try it out for nail stamping. It worked beautifully! I love having a regular polish I can use for stamping instead of being limited to stamping polish. šŸ™‚



I learned how to do Josephine rings!

Split Rings

Spent the weekend doing shuttle tatted split rings.



I’ve been working on my UFOs (Un finished Objects) the last couple of days. for now I’m focusing on a stuffed rabbit I’ve been promising someone for about a year now. Normally I hate making identical items. It just sucks part of the fun out of it for me for some reason. Having a time limit seems to do the same thing. That’s the reason I have never been crazy about taking “orders” for the things I make. I would rather make something I feel like making and sell it (if I haven’t already gifted it to someone) Something about someone else deciding what pattern to make, what color, what yarn, how long it should take… just really puts me off and makes me not want to knit at all… on anything. Once I have completed a project like that I usually don’t want to knit for months after that.

It’s been long enough now though. My hands aren’t hurting, I replaced my missing size 6 knitting needles, and I found the color yarn I needed, so I’m good to go. And that’s good, because I have a lineup of three or four projects that have been sitting collecting dust, patiently waiting for me to finish them, so first up…. bunny!

Mothers Day Pen

One of the Mothers Day gifts I receaved was a lovely red fountain pen with a calligraphy nib on it. I’m enjoying it so much. It’s much more portable and now I am able to easily practice on the couch or in the car. I’m always much more likely to practice things that are portable. I’m one of those people who like to take my crafts with me. Inside, outside, up a tree…. well… I haven’t actually climbed a tree for a while now, but you get my meaning. The more portable something is the more likely I am to work on it.

Here is a picture my red pen as well as the little pot of roses andĀ sandalsĀ IĀ receivedĀ for Mothers day



I’m trying to teach myself calligraphy.