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Jeans and T shirt


OK she’s not naked anymore. I used scraps from some of my old clothes and made her some jeans and a T shirt. The pattern I used was a wardrobe pattern also from the dinky baby company sized for the 8″ dinky baby/kid.

New Doll

I just finished making a new doll. I used the 8″ Dinky Kid pattern from the Dinky Baby company. I still need to make clothes for her, but I’m just to tired right now. All my fabric is in a big plastic tub under other big plastic tubs. All of which are very heavy. Sooo.. her clothes are just going to have to wait until later.


In the mood to sew

Felt like sewing lately. Like before it’s hand sewn, not machine. I really only like using my sewing machine for larger projects, like clothes for an adult or older child. Sometimes I’ll use it if I need to make several things and I’m in a time crunch. Other than that it’s hand sewing for me. Just something about it I find relaxing. One of the things I’ve sewn is a doll dress for my 14.5″ fisher price “little mommy sweet as me” doll. The dress is from a McCall’s sewing pattern. The pattern number is (M4338) and the dress is listed as (D). The other thing I made is another “dinky dinky” from I also knitted him a little bear to hold. That was a free knitting pattern I got from here. I used sock yarn and size 2 needles to make him. I also cut the numbers in the pattern in half to get him the size I needed him to be.

A Good Idea!

While I was looking around for a better way to store my floss I came across these Fiber Hiders. The idea is if the thread on your needle is too short to hide the tail you slip the wire fiber hider under a few completed stitches then use the hook fiber hider to hook the tail through the wire, then pull the wire and thread tail through completed stitches and wa la thread tail hidden. If they aren’t in your budget, (I know there not in MY budget) the same thing could easily be done by using a wire needle threader and a small crochet hook.

Dinky Babies

rainbow dinky dinky 1

This is my first attempt at sewing dolls. I used the “Dinky Dinky” pattern from Dinky Baby.

These three are for a baby shower this weekend. I hope the lady likes them.

Soft Sculpture Dolls

I have always enjoyed refurbishing old dolls.  After cleaning up my old cabbage patch kid and studying how her body is put together, now  I’m thinking of making a soft sculpture doll. Like the original cabbage patch dolls. Not the ones with plastic heads, the ones with cloth heads. I’ve been researching it and I think I can do it. With a little practice I bet I could make some really neat dolls! I might start out with the plastic head kind then once I get making the body down, move on to the cloth head type. I don’t know.

Little Sewn Bear

I still haven’t been able to get the sewing area completely set up. (I keep hitting road blocks) so in the mean time. I decided to do a little hand sewing. I like small projects when I do hand sewing and I found this great little Teddy Bear pattern at the library. Yep the library. It was in a book called “Scrap Saver’s Christmas Stitchery” by Sandra Lounsbury Foose.

little sewn bear  book and bear