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Sock Yarn!

 My husband motioned to me. “What is it Sweetie?” I ask. “Your worlds are about to collide.” He says and leads me around the corner and in my mind I could hear angels singing, for there in front of me was a clearance section filled with soooooooooock yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrnnnnnn. I went in the store for two balls of sock yarn and left with an entire bag full!! Yes…. The Lord blessed me that day with sock yarn goodness. May I choose my patterns wisely and may my family’s feet be toasty warm in hand knit wool socks for years to come. Aaaaaaamen……

I took some pictures today!

I finally got around to taking pictures! 🙂

The first one is of the spiral socks I’m working on. The next one is one of the rummy tile bags I made, and the last one is the heart afghan I made for my husband. (I finished the afghan this morning)


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I was here.  I was hit with a pretty bad bout of depression and I just wasn’t myself.
I’m crafting more again now. I finished the cable scarf I was working on. I forgot to take a picture of it though before I gave it away. My friend loved it. We had a good laugh about me finishing it just in time for summer. I mean every one needs a nice warm scarf for summer right? lol 😉
Now my projects are a shawl for my cousin, a small filet crochet afghan, and of course my trusty dishcloths, because they don’t take long to make and everyone likes using them so much. There an easy way to make people happy. 🙂

Dr Office

Today I was at the Dr office, because my son is sick. While I was there a woman in the waiting room wanted to buy the cell phone holder I made the other day. lol!

The eyeball method ;-)

My husband just came home from off the road. He just started truck driving and this was his first time out. We didn’t get much time to prepare for his trip. When he left all he had with him was a small duffel bag of cloths and a sleeping bag. We were wanting to get him a cell phone so he could call home and let us know he was ok instead of having to find payphones to use. (payphones can get really expensive, especially if he has to call collect) We were told he would be gone two weeks, but he ended up being gone almost a month instead. (I was not a happy camper) While he was out he went through a lot of cold snowy areas and my poor baby didn’t have a hat to keep his bald head warm. During his training he isn’t making much money, and all he could afford was a hat at a good will. It most definitely helped, but it wasn’t long enough to cover his ears. So when he got home I knit him a nice warm hat for him to take. I don’t have a pattern for it, I just knit in the round until it was the length I wanted it to be then started reducing.
Also while my sweetie’s home we both got cell phones with a family plan, so we can talk to each other anytime of the day or night without being charged extra. (this last time there were times I didn’t hear from him for two or three days, because he couldn’t find  a working pay phone) The lady at the phone place gave us two free phones since we signed up for a contract. I’m thrilled we got free phones, because if we would have had to buy them, we would only have been able to get one, but we didn’t get a choice of phones, so  they are both black. That’s my least favorite color for a cell phone, mostly because it’s hard to find a little black cellphone inside a purse. (It tends to be dark inside purses 😉 Sooo… I decided it would be a good idea to crochet myself a very bright hot pink cellphone holder. That ought to make it a little easier to find! LOL! My husband liked the case I made for myself so much that he wants me to make one for him now. He asked that I not make his pink though. hehe
The cell phone case was also made using the eyeball method, so no pattern to give you. Sorry… 😦


Well, I’m sick. What does that mean? It means I feel awfule, but that I also have more time to knit and crochet, because when I feel this bad, that’s about all I have the energy to do. So for a while I’m going to work on some unfinished projects. Maybe I’ll even get a few done.


My arthritis was hurting me for a while, so I had to put off starting the second monkey for my nephew. (crochet causes me the most pain when I have a flair up) It was hurting me so bad, I wasn’t able to do much of anything for a little while. It’s feeling better now tough and I’ve been able to get a bit more accomplished.
I’ve almost finished my daughters socks. I got all the way to the toe of the second sock. (I like to knit socks from the cuff down) then I ran out of yarn. *sigh* Oh well. I was needing some more of that purple color, because that’s my cousins favorite color and I’m going to make a pare for her. (she’s one of those people who appreciate hand made gifts) 
I’ve almost finished the back of my red sweater. I only need 1/2 and inch and I can cast off then start on one of the front panels. I think I should be able to do that today, maybe while I’m waiting to pick the kids up.
Tonight I’m definitely starting on the second monkey, because I want to get those out to my nephews.