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Origami Tweet

I’ve been playing with my origami paper for the past few days. I just finished a little bird that I thought turned out particularly cute and wanted to share. I folded him with 6″x6″ origami paper and he turned out to be about 2″ tall.


Watch “Sketchbook” on YouTube

A flip through of my 2013 sketchbook.

Drawing Again

I’ve been drawing again. This little fairy was done with prisma pencils, and the woman’s face was done with copic markers. These are three new marker colours I got with piggy bank change (I just love my piggy bank change) I thought it would be fun to carry three or four colors around with me to do tonal work. These are the same colors that copic sells with there sepia set for just that purpose. I liked the colors, but I didn’t want everything that came in the set… Or rather I didn’t want to PAY for everything they have in the set. So… I just bought the pieces I actually wanted.The markers are… Sepia E37, Sand E33, and Brick Beige E31. If any of you are interested.



Rubber Bands

Here’s something fun I’ve recently discovered. Rubber band looms. The one I have is called a “Rainbow Loom”. I chose this one, because out of all of the ones I looked at this one is the most versatile. Not only can I expand the length and width by adding a second loom (something you can do with other brand looms as well) but I can change my loom set up from offset pegs to in line pegs. I haven’t yet found another brand that allows that. I also like the clear pegs. It makes it easier for me to see wich rubber band I need to hook. Rubber band looms are actually considered childrens toys, but I’ve never let that stop me before. I have no problem letting my inner child play. With that being said here are a few things I’ve made. Video instructions for all of these things can be found on Youtube. Just type in Rainbow Loom and all sorts of fun projects will come up for you to do. ūüôā


The first rubber band charm I made.


Baby Duck, Candy Cane, and Poodle Charms.


Bracelets I made following along with youtube videos.


Pink and white poodle I made following along with a youtube video.


This is what my Rainbow Loom looks like.

Easy DIY French


I used to free hand my french manicure or I would use those little nail stickers, but I’m finding as I get older my hands will suddenly start to tremble and mess up what I’m doing. A few years ago I bought one of thoes nail art stamping plates just to try out. I liked it a lot and I’ve since added the plain french plate (non decoriated) and it has been the easiest method of doing a french mani I think I have ever seen, not to mention pretty darn economical. (compaired to other methods that give you simular quality) The plate I’m usung is the Konad m19 plate. Normaly the Konad plates go for around $7 or $8 but I got mine for less on an ebay auction. If you don’t want to pay that much or can’t manage to get one at auction. There are other brands out there. I can’t say how well they work, because at this point I haven’t tried any of them. Also when I’m using my plates I use “specieal” stamping polish. There are some people who say you can use any regular polish to do this, but every time I have tried the image has come out bloby. When I use the stamping polish I get nice clean lines. There are a few differant companies who manufacture the stamping polishes for differant prices. The two I’ve tried are the Konad brand and the Salon Express brand. Both have worked really well. The only catch to using the stamping polishes is that #1 you MUST use a top coat, other wise the first time you wash your hands your images will wash away. #2 You can’t use just any old top coat and as far as wich ones work it’s really a hit and miss. The only two I know for sure work is the Konad brand that is specifacly made for use with stamping polish and the Seche Vite top coat. I’ve never seen Konad any place local, but the Seche Vite is carried at our local walmart. If any of you are intrested in doing your nails this way, I recomend heading on over to you tube. That way you can see it in action.

EDIT: I bought some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri yesterday and decided to try it out for nail stamping. It worked beautifully! I love having a regular polish I can use for stamping instead of being limited to stamping polish. ūüôā

Birthday Gift This Year.

My new 18″ doll

I’m turning 40 this year. I would have thought by now that I would be a grown up, but I guess not, because I got a dolly for my birthday and I couldn’t be happier about it. LOL! She is a Journey Girl brand sold at Toys R Us. 18″ tall with red hair and green eyes.


Drop Spindle


I decided I wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn. I’ve been wanting to do it every since I was a little girl and saw a spinning wheel for the first time. Not willing to plunk down the kind of money it would take to buy a spinning wheel ¬†not even knowing if spinning is something I would like enough to do on a regular basis. I watched every spinning video I could find on youtube then hoped on over to the etsy¬†web sight¬†and bought a top¬†whorl¬†drop spindle. The lady who I bought the spindle from was nice enough to give me a sample of roving so I was able to try right away instead of having to weight around for the roving I ordered from someone else to¬†arrive. ILOVE IT! I’m so glad I decided to take the¬†plunge. I’m having so much fun! ¬†I love¬†handling¬†the fiber. The wool sample I was sent is sooooo soft. I can’t weight to knit or crochet something with it. It’s such a pleasure to handle. I’m also very pleased with the¬†spindle¬†I chose. It weighs one ounce and has a stone¬†whorl. It’s¬†extremely¬†well¬†balanced¬†and will spin like the energizer bunny (it keeps going and going and going) Not to mention how pretty I think it is. The lady who made it did a wonderful job. Expect to see more spinning posts because I… am… hooked.


Ok, I know this isn’t my typical post, but I thought I would share. I came across some videos of Konad nail stamping plates on youtube and I thought it looked kinda neat.¬†Basically¬†it’s a small metal plate that has designs¬†engraved¬†into it. You put polish on (thick polish works better than thin and runny) use a scraper tool the scrape off excess polish from the plate so that the only polish left on the plate is in the¬†engraving. Then you use a rubber stamp to transfer the polish from the plate on to your nail. There are LOTS of¬†different¬†plates to choose from. The one I have is for¬†decorative¬†french tips, but there are other¬†types¬†with things ranging from flowers and¬†butterfly¬†to zombies. You can buy them in a kit like I did or you can buy just the individual plates. The average cost of the Konad plates runs about $6.00 or $7.00 each, but there are off brands out there that you can get for much¬†cheaper. Bundle Monster for example has a set of 21 plates for $17.99 and a set of 25 plates for $21.99. I since I haven’t used the Bundle Monster brand I can’t say how it¬†compares¬†to Konad, but having never done nail stamping before I found the Konad fairly easy to use and I’m happy with the results of my first try. Oh, and here’s a helpful tip. To get clear images on ALL of your fingers. It’s a good idea to wipe clean the plate and scraper with nail polish remover every two or three stamps.

Who Reads Shawn’s Blogs

I’ve started a map to see who reads my blogs. I thought it would be fun.

You don’t have to give your exact location if your uncomfortable with that, but if you could put the nearest city, that would be cool.

Click here to add your self to my map.