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Halter Top Update (2)

I just increased the bra cups. I tried on what I have done so far and it’s fitting really well. It took three extra rows of double crochet to cover my DD’s properly. The way it was before, I would have been afraid of them plopping out at any moment. LOL!

Hair Scrunchies

I just bought some cloth rubber bands, the kind with out any metal on them. I’m wanting to make some hair scrunchies for my daughter and her friends. I’ve made them before, but it’s been a couple of years. I think it’s time to do it again. (they wear out and get lost after a while)

Halter top update (1)

I’m using the lion brand light n lively tank top pattern, but I’m making LOTS of alterations, because this isn’t a very good pattern. The sizing is WAY off. Your probably wondering "well then why are you using the pattern?" It’s because I can’t find anything I like in my size! I’m a big girl and everything I’ve found in my size is god awful ugly! I figure I had a better chance of ending up with something I like by altering this pattern.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I made the bra cups for what the pattern says is 2x and instead of connecting the bodice band I left them separate to create straps I can tie (I want to make sure that area is tight enough to give my breasts support) Then after measuring myself I determined that I need to follow the bodice part of the patten for the large size. (to show you how far the sizing is off on this pattern, I normally wear a 2x or 3x.) I’ve tried on what I have done so far and the bodice is fitting nicely at this point, but the bra cups, even though I made them in the 2x size are still too small for me. (I’m a DD) So after I’m finished with the bodice, I will be adding more coverage to the bra cups.

Halter Top

I started crocheting a halter top last night. I’m basing it on a baldy written tank top pattern. So there are SEROUS alterations. One of the biggest being that it’s a halter top instead of a tank top. Hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off without too much trouble. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Afghan Progress

I’m a little over half way done with the heart afghan. I really excited about it. This is the third afghan I’ve started in my life, but the first two didn’t work out. The first one I started when I was a 15 living with my grandmother. Before it was completed my grandmother passed away and my brother and I had moved in with my father. I ran out of yarn and I needed more to finish and well….. lets just say daddys look at buying yarn differently than grandmothers do. So the part I had done got put into storage in hopes that when I got old enough to get a job I would be able to buy the yarn I needed and finish it. Unfortunately it was one of many things that disappeared from my storage. Frustrated and disgusted at loosing all the work I had done, I didn’t try again until I was 20. This time it was a full size blanket for my fence (now husband) since it was soooo big and heavy and we live in Texas I couldn’t stand to work on it during the summer, but I loved working on it in the winter. It kept me nice and toastie. I ended up working on it for three winters and had it almost half way done (like I said it was a really BIG blanket) and I put it away for the summer. The next winter when I took it out to work on it some more I discovered rats had chewed a it all to pieces to make themselves a nest. I was so angry about all the work I had put into it just to have it destroyed by rats, it actually gave me chest pains. I have refused to even consider making another blanket (other than baby blankets)for the past 13 years. So if I’m able to actually complete this one it’s going to be a VERY big deal.

I don’t believe this

One of my friends saw the picture of my cell phone holder and asked me to make her two. LOL! I would never have dreamed my little cell phone holder was such a desirable item, but aparently it is. (go figure)I also had to make one for my husband before he went on the road, because he wanted one to.

100 year old lace tablecloth

This is a voice recording of me talking aobut what happened yesterday