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Watch “Sketchbook” on YouTube

A flip through of my 2013 sketchbook.



Robe and House shoes


Here is the latest thing I’ve made. This pattern is another one from the “Fun to knit doll clothes” book. It’s one of my favorite pattern books for sure. Lots of simple to make designs. Good for any skill level. I have no idea what kind of yarn that is that I used. It’s from a huge ball that my husband found on the clearance aisle at Walmart and got it for me. I do know it’s considered bulky weight.

Toys to Knit

I bought the Toys to knit book at half priced books here a while back. I’ve knit a couple of patterns from it and although. I think the patterns are great and simple enough for even a beginner to knit, the assembly directions leave a lot to be desired. They are extremely vague and leave you to guess for the most part. The up side is that even if you don’t put them together perfect, it will still turn out pretty cute.

I shouldn’t have

I really shouldn’t have, but I did. I got the new Harry Potter knitting book! Charmed Knits
We are such huge Harry Potter fans at my house and they are on sale right now. (about $10.00)
This is one book even my husband wanted me to get. I think he’s the biggest Harry Potter fan out of all of us!   hehe