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Jeans and T shirt


OK she’s not naked anymore. I used scraps from some of my old clothes and made her some jeans and a T shirt. The pattern I used was a wardrobe pattern also from the dinky baby company sized for the 8″ dinky baby/kid.

New Doll

I just finished making a new doll. I used the 8″ Dinky Kid pattern from the Dinky Baby company. I still need to make clothes for her, but I’m just to tired right now. All my fabric is in a big plastic tub under other big plastic tubs. All of which are very heavy. Sooo.. her clothes are just going to have to wait until later.


Teacup Pig

I have a couple of teacup pigs in my doll collection and after searching in vain for ANY kind of clothing pattern for them I resigned myself to the fact that if I didn’t want my pigs to be naked I would just have to come up with something myself. (Buying clothes for them wouldn’t be as much fun) Here is the little dress, hat, and scarf I came up with. I don’t think there too bad, but stupid me didn’t write down what I did and now I can’t remember! Grrr…