I’ve been working on my UFOs (Un finished Objects) the last couple of days. for now I’m focusing on a stuffed rabbit I’ve been promising someone for about a year now. Normally I hate making identical items. It just sucks part of the fun out of it for me for some reason. Having a time limit seems to do the same thing. That’s the reason I have never been crazy about taking “orders” for the things I make. I would rather make something I feel like making and sell it (if I haven’t already gifted it to someone) Something about someone else deciding what pattern to make, what color, what yarn, how long it should take… just really puts me off and makes me not want to knit at all… on anything. Once I have completed a project like that I usually don’t want to knit for months after that.

It’s been long enough now though. My hands aren’t hurting, I replaced my missing size 6 knitting needles, and I found the color yarn I needed, so I’m good to go. And that’s good, because I have a lineup of three or four projects that have been sitting collecting dust, patiently waiting for me to finish them, so first up…. bunny!