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Needle Tatting

I’ve done SHUTTLE tatting off and on for quite a few years now and I enjoy it very much. BUT…. I’ve always had a hard time getting it to look as neat as I would like. Other people look at what I’ve done and they think its “So pretty!” but to me it looks sloppy. I see all kinds of mistakes and no matter how hard I try I just can’t quite seam to get it the way I want it. Yesterday I taught myself how to NEEDLE tat. For me it was easier to learn than the shuttle and the work I did turned out nice and neat. I enjoyed it a lot, but for some reason I find shuttle tatting a little more¬†entertaining¬†than needle tatting. Probably because my hands feel like they are DOING more when I shuttle tat. BUT… Needle tatting doesn’t seam to bother my arthritis as much and that means I will be able to tat more often. ūüôā


Here’s a photo of my first NEEDLE tatted project. I should have put something in the photo for size¬†comparison. Sorry about that. It’s about the size of a dime though.

If you are interested in learning how to tat, youtube has some great how to videos.

What I forgot

Oh my goodness, I forgot to show you guys what I’ve done. Shame on me!¬†

First off I knit some clothes for my doll from the toys to knit book and I also knit my daughter a rabbit from the well dressed bunny pattern. Her’s looks quite a bit¬†different¬†from the one I made for my son. For her’s I made floppy ears, larger eyes, and the nose is satin stitch rather than the v shape.



Here’s my latest. I knit him using the Well Dressed Bunny pattern. I was going to make the little clothes for him, but my son wanted him just the way he is.


Toys to Knit

I bought the Toys to knit book at half priced books here a while back. I’ve knit a couple of patterns from it and although. I think the patterns are great and simple enough for even a beginner to knit, the assembly directions leave a lot to be desired. They are extremely¬†vague¬†and leave you to guess for the most part. The up side is that even if you don’t put them together perfect, it will still turn out pretty cute.

Basic Doll

Finished knitting the Basic Doll pattern from the book Toys To Knit. I like how she turned out. I think she looks a little like those creatures from the movie Dark Crystal.


Latest Monster

Finished the monster I was working on for my daughter the other day.