My Valentines Day Gift from my husband arrived today. It was even gift wrapped and included a piece of chocolate! It’s a Knitting Needle Organizer I bought on etsy. (I got to order my own gift. hehe) I hate the hard case that my Denise needles came in. 1.) It is in my opinion too bulky to carry around easily. 2.) There is no room for expanshion. I like to have extra cords and end caps as well as a couple of duplicate size needles. First impresion of this new organirzer is a good one. It seams very well made. It’s compact and as you can see from the photo, it has enough room for everything that came in my Denise kit and then some. I also like the clear pockets. Makes it much easier to find the cords and do dads I need for knitting. The lady was also a pleasure to deal with and shiped the organizer increadibly fast. Judging from the quality of my organizer, if any of you decide to purchase something from her, I don’t think you will be disapointed. Her etsy shop is called AbsoluteWonder