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Punch Embroidery



This was my first attempt at punch embroidery. Compared to crewel embroidery it’s pretty easy (just one stitch to learn for this project), but like most things there is a bit of a learning curve. My stitching on this is a bit uneven. some areas are thicker than others and  I had trouble ending. For some reason half the time when I would pull the needle up a bit to clip the thread, a couple of my stitches would come out, even though I tried very hard to hold the thread to prevent that. Also my lines weren’t as neat as I would have liked. I did find that they were much neater and even when I worked the stitches coming toward me rather than away from me. It made the stitching much easier for me to see that way. I’m sure it’s like everything else, I just need to do it a few times to get the hang of it and since I had so much fun with this first project I plan on doing just that. 🙂

A Good Idea!

While I was looking around for a better way to store my floss I came across these Fiber Hiders. The idea is if the thread on your needle is too short to hide the tail you slip the wire fiber hider under a few completed stitches then use the hook fiber hider to hook the tail through the wire, then pull the wire and thread tail through completed stitches and wa la thread tail hidden. If they aren’t in your budget, (I know there not in MY budget) the same thing could easily be done by using a wire needle threader and a small crochet hook.

About Monstered out!

Wow, I’m about monstered out! I’ve finished knitting a red and white one. I’m almost done knitting a green and white one and I still need to knit a green and red one. Not to mention assembling them all in time for Christmas to give to my kids. When the monsters are done, I’m going to take a knitting break. I’ve been thinking about embroidery. I haven’t done that in a long time. Maybe decorate some jeans with it. I’ve never done punch embroidery I’ll probably do that next. I got the punch needle I need off ebay for about $3.00 . I remember a really pretty piece that my Uncle Cassie made with punch embroidery. It was a big eagle on the back of a denim jacket. I wouldn’t want to use it on every thing, because the designs are so thick, but for certain things I think it would look real nice. Like maybe school themed sweat shirts for my kids. (similar to what’s on letter jackets) I also wouldn’t mind sewing some more dolls. There’s a friend of mine I’ve been wanting to make one for. She is older and doesn’t have any kids, but I think she would like it. She could sit it next to her computer and it could smile at her for me. 🙂