Ok, I know this isn’t my typical post, but I thought I would share. I came across some videos of Konad nail stamping plates on youtube and I thought it looked kinda neat. Basically it’s a small metal plate that has designs engraved into it. You put polish on (thick polish works better than thin and runny) use a scraper tool the scrape off excess polish from the plate so that the only polish left on the plate is in the engraving. Then you use a rubber stamp to transfer the polish from the plate on to your nail. There are LOTS of different plates to choose from. The one I have is for decorative french tips, but there are other types with things ranging from flowers and butterfly to zombies. You can buy them in a kit like I did or you can buy just the individual plates. The average cost of the Konad plates runs about $6.00 or $7.00 each, but there are off brands out there that you can get for much cheaper. Bundle Monster for example has a set of 21 plates for $17.99 and a set of 25 plates for $21.99. I since I haven’t used the Bundle Monster brand I can’t say how it compares to Konad, but having never done nail stamping before I found the Konad fairly easy to use and I’m happy with the results of my first try. Oh, and here’s a helpful tip. To get clear images on ALL of your fingers. It’s a good idea to wipe clean the plate and scraper with nail polish remover every two or three stamps.