I came across a knitting pattern designer that I just love. Her name is Rebecca Danger. My favorite are her monsters. She has a book published, I think it’s called the big book of knitted monsters. You can also purchase individual downloadable patterns at her etsy shop. Danger Crafts 

So far I’ve knitted a couple of her monster “Chunk” I’ve been calling them desk monsters, because the first one I knitted to cheer up a friend who keeps it on top of her computer at work. Then my husband wanted one for HIS work as well, so desk monster seamed a good name. Now I’m working on a mom and baby monster. There going to be a gift for yet another baby shower. (I seam to be making a lot of stuff for baby showers lately)

Here are the Desk Monsters I made. They are both identical patterns, but the smaller one was made using fingering weight yarn and US size 1 1/2 sock needles. The larger one was made from worsted weight yarn and US size 4 needles.

Green Desk Monster

Little Green Desk Monster

Husband's Desk Monster