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Mommy Monster

I finished the Mommy Monster and her baby for the baby shower. I also inserted a music button in the baby monsters tummy, so now he plays Brahms Lullaby. I would have liked it to be a different song, but I only had a choice of two. Hopefully the lady I’m giving it to will like it. Now I’m gonna make another one in boy colors for my cousins grand baby.

Sock Yarn!

 My husband motioned to me. “What is it Sweetie?” I ask. “Your worlds are about to collide.” He says and leads me around the corner and in my mind I could hear angels singing, for there in front of me was a clearance section filled with soooooooooock yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrnnnnnn. I went in the store for two balls of sock yarn and left with an entire bag full!! Yes…. The Lord blessed me that day with sock yarn goodness. May I choose my patterns wisely and may my family’s feet be toasty warm in hand knit wool socks for years to come. Aaaaaaamen……

Knitted Monsters

I came across a knitting pattern designer that I just love. Her name is Rebecca Danger. My favorite are her monsters. She has a book published, I think it’s called the big book of knitted monsters. You can also purchase individual downloadable patterns at her etsy shop. Danger Crafts 

So far I’ve knitted a couple of her monster “Chunk” I’ve been calling them desk monsters, because the first one I knitted to cheer up a friend who keeps it on top of her computer at work. Then my husband wanted one for HIS work as well, so desk monster seamed a good name. Now I’m working on a mom and baby monster. There going to be a gift for yet another baby shower. (I seam to be making a lot of stuff for baby showers lately)

Here are the Desk Monsters I made. They are both identical patterns, but the smaller one was made using fingering weight yarn and US size 1 1/2 sock needles. The larger one was made from worsted weight yarn and US size 4 needles.

Green Desk Monster

Little Green Desk Monster

Husband's Desk Monster