This past weekend I was wandering around the Gatesvill Walmart with my friend Theresa and while we were in the craft section I spotted “The Knook” It’s a bamboo crochet hook with a hole drilled in it and it comes with what appears to be a nylon cord as well as an instruction/pattern book. On the cover of the book it says “Now you can knit with a crochet hook.” Well! You know me, anything having to do with knitting or crochet, and I want to learn more. So, since it was in my price range I bought it. They come in a package of three for about $6.

Now for the review.

It took a few mins. for my brain to adjust to knitting with a crochet hook. Once it did, I find it pleasant and I can see where it would be helpful for a crocheter who wanted to learn to knit but was uncomfortable with using knitting needles as well as for a knitter who would like to get more comfortable with using a crochet hook. With the length of cord that is provided for you, you can’t make anything very large, unless you sew pieces together. It works quite nicely for smaller things though. I’m making the “Spa Cloth” pattern that was provided in the book and not having any problems. If for some reason you have problems understanding the instruction book there are free Step-By-Step Videos provided for you a