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Little Sewn Bear

I still haven’t been able to get the sewing area completely set up. (I keep hitting road blocks) so in the mean time. I decided to do a little hand sewing. I like small projects when I do hand sewing and I found this great little Teddy Bear pattern at the library. Yep the library. It was in a book called “Scrap Saver’s Christmas Stitchery” by Sandra Lounsbury Foose.

little sewn bear  book and bear


I’m in the mood to sew, so I’m going to try my hand at pyramid pouches. I don’t know why. I don’t really have a NEED for them. They just look interesting to me and I wanted to make some. LOL! I’m that way sometimes.

19 April, 2011 15:12

I got my new sock bag. It’s really nice! The lady who made it did a good job and her prices are very reasonable. I like the drawstring top much better than I do bags with zippers. The yarn doesn’t get caught in it the way it will sometimes with zippers. Also if you close the bag while you are knitting the drawstring top works well as a yarn guide, keeping the yarn safely inside while knitting. The little pockets on the inside of the bag are nice as well. I put my notions in them and everything is kept away from the yarn. I always hated having to pull yarn and all out of my bag looking for the measuring tape or yarn needle. Now that problem has been taken care of. If your interested in getting one for yourself her etsy store is

Second Practice Sock

I’m working on the second practice sock and this time while I was doing the short row heel, I didn’t even bother with using a stitch holder. After knitting the first heel, I don’t really understand why people use them for the short row heels. I’m sure they have there reasons, but the stitch markers to mark the half way points were more than adequate for me and it turned out even better than it did on the first sock and was much easier!

9" circ practice sock



Here’s what I’ve done so far on the 9″ circ sock. I’ve only ever done short row heel and toes on sock looms, so this has been really different for me. I’m not used to reading it in my knitting. I was having trouble telling when I was supposed to wrap a stitch. I also noticed I have a hole right at the gusset. I don’t normally have that problem when I do this on my sock loom. Humm…. I thought I had followed the directions right. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully I’ll get it figured out by the next sock.

My Dog Likes Yarn


My dog likes yarn WAY too much. His favorite are hand rolled balls of sock yarn. This morning I had been knitting in bed and I just left my knitting laying there on the bed when I got up to get dressed. I saw the look in his eyes as I started putting on my clothes. He grabbed my ball of yarn and took off running down the hall dragging my half knitted sock behind him. I started yelling “Someone catch him! He’s got my knitting!!” When I yelled, he dropped the yarn and acted as though he had done nothing at all.  He’s lucky I love him so much. LOL! I just thank God he’s only like that with my yarn and not my expensive needles or the projects I work so long on. I hope he stays that way. *fingers crossed*

Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

I think I’m going to give this a try. I’ve never done socks toe up before.

Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

via Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern.

Clandestine & Candour: Photo Intensive – Short Row Toe – Tutorial

I came across this and thought I would share.

Clandestine & Candour: Photo Intensive – Short Row Toe – Tutorial

via Clandestine & Candour: Photo Intensive – Short Row Toe – Tutorial.

Summer Dress


I finished this outfit yesterday. I made it for my 18″ Asian Madame Alexander doll. It’s the Summertime Susie pattern from the Fun-to-knit Doll Clothes book. It’s a VERY easy pattern and would be great for a beginner.

Sock Knitting Methods

I thought I had learned all the different ways to knit socks. I know how to knit them on two single point needles, I have knit them on sock looms, using four double pointed needles, using five double pointed needles, using a single 32″ circular needle (aka magic loop) and using two 16″ circular needles. I thought that was it. I thought I had hit a wall and there were no more options left, but a few days ago, I was happy to discover I was WRONG. Yea!

Apparently there are a few companies who make 9″ circular needles. I didn’t even realize there was such a tiny creature as a 9″ circ! This is exciting! Why is the prospect of knitting with a 9″ so exciting to me? Well because I LOVE all those pretty lacy sock patterns, but I find them extremely difficult on anything but my sock loom and I have a hard time finding fancy sock patterns with the right number of stitches for my loom. You see with all the other methods there are what we knitters like to call “joins”. Where one section of knitting “joins” to the next to make a continuous spiral to make a tube instead of a flat panel that would have to be sewn together afterwards. If you are knitting socks using 4 DPN’s there are three joins, 5 DPN’s four joins, magic loop=two joins, and two circs two joins as well, BUT being able to use only one 9″ circular….. NO JOINS!

Here’s a video demonstration I found on youtube.