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Look What I Got For A Dollar

The righting on her says she is a 1995 Baby So Beautiful doll. I found her in a plastic bin full of other dolls at a second hand store. The sign on the bin said "Any doll $1.00" All the dolls were kinda yucky and had obviously been played with a lot. They were all dirty, and had badly tangled or matted hair. Most of the dolls were creepy looking to me. (one was even a Chucky doll.) Not something I would want to wake up and see on my bedroom shelf in the middle of the night. LOL! Then I spotted this little girl. I took her home, cleaned her up, gave her a bit of T.L.C. and now she looks almost a good as new! Now I just need to find a pattern to make her something nice to wear.

Yarn Flowers

Do you remember these? I sure do. They bring back lots of happy memories of my Great Grandma. When I was four, right after my mother died, my father moved us to OR. with his family. I was such a sad little girl and the only real happiness I remember from back then was being with my Great Grandma. I would run to her house as soon as I was allowed outside and spend the day with her playing with yarn. I would make miles of crochet chain and bunches and bunches of yarn flowers.

I’ve been running low on yarn a lot lately and was trying to think of something I could make with the scraps of yarn I have. When I came across a youtube video about yarn flowers. Seeing them again brought a smile to my face and inspired me to make some. I’m planning on eventually making enough to piece together for a blanket.