While looking around the net for knitting boards, the Ultimate Sweater Machine popped up a lot, and there where a lot of BAD reviews for it, but none of the reviews were clear as to WHY these people didn’t like the machine. All they would say was that it is a piece of junk and that for the price it should do more. Since The reviews DIDN’T say the machine broke or didn’t do what it claimed it could do, that made me curious. What IS wrong with it? Why didn’t these people like it?

I went into investigation mode. I decided to see if I could find some YouTube videos of the machine in action. I not only found several individuals demonstrating there machines, but I also found an entire series of how to videos. It was all VERY interesting and after watching these videos, I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is. The machine isn’t completely automatic! To make the nice fancy things, (ribbing, color work, cables) you have to actually do quite a bit by hand! (Heaven Forbid!) LOL! These people where buying these machines expecting the machine to do ALL the work for them, but what they got instead was a machine that does stockinette stitch VERY quickly, but that’s it.

The funny thing is, I never liked the idea of knitting machines, because I thought they where TOO automatic. I felt like it would take the fun out of knitting. Now that I know that even with a knitting machine you still have to do a lot of "hands on" the idea of using a knitting machine to make gifts (when time is an issue) is appealing to me. I wouldn’t want to give up my knitting needles. I enjoy them too much for that, but ya, I could see myself getting a knitting machine in the future. Not anytime soon, but you never know, maybe some day.