Surfing the Internet I have come across people who claim that loom knitting is FASTER than needle knitting. Usually by people who are trying to sell knitting looms. I don’t believe that is true, and I feel that they are trying to mislead people just to sell there product. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy loom knitting. I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy needle knitting and crochet.

This has been MY experience with loom knitting AND needle knitting. I know how to do both, and I know how to do both well. Loom knitting was MUCH easier for me to learn than needle knitting. Most people (but not all) I’ve talked to who have tried both say that (and I agree) With needle knitting there seamed to be a lot more opportunities to make mistakes when you are first learning. The main one being dropping stitches. That’s something that I didn’t have happen with a knitting loom and in general knitting looms seam to be much more forgiving to someone just starting out. However, now that I’m GOOD at knitting with needles, I actually knit MUCH faster with my needles than I do with my looms. Does that mean I only want to knit with my needles? No, not at all. Both needles and looms have there advantages and I plan on continuing to use BOTH. I just hate it when I feel people are being dishonest, and in this case I can’t see any logical reason for them to be. There are lots of good selling points for looms. There’s no reason to be dishonest.