I just thought I would let my dad know that he’s getting me a knitting board. LOL

He sent me some birthday money and after adding in the shipping and handling, it’s just enough to get me a knitting board! Yea! I’ve been wanting a knitting board for a couple of years, but money is tight and a knitting board wasn’t high on the priority list. When I got the card and money, I thought "Shawn, you don’t get money to spend on yourself often. Think carefully. What would you like the most?" I knew I wanted a knitting loom, preferably a knitting board, but they can be kinda high (high for me anyway) or if they are reasonably priced, they want to charge a lot for shipping. So I started searching the Internet. Looking for the best reasonably priced knitting board without a high shipping cost. I searched for close to a week, and I found one! It’s made in the USA. It’s a home business. They make the looms themselves. (I prefer buying from people like that rather than a large company) Just that alone is cool, but the best thing about this knitting board is the unusual design. You can not only use it as a knitting board, but you can also use it as a single sided rake AND a round loom! How cool is that?! I’m so excited to try it out. I feel like a little kid weighting for Christmas. LOL! I’ll post a picture of it when it gets here. After I’m able to try it, I’ll post a review.