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I Ran Out Of Yarn!


This afghan isn’t anything special or fancy, but the double knitting feels great! It’s all soft, squishy, and comfy. I’m looking forward to being able to wrap this around me. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn last night. I’m hoping I’ll be able to scratch up enough loose change to get a little more. If not, I’ll have to wait another two weeks before hubby gets paid. 😦

I Got One!

I got my birthday knitting board today! It’s not the one I was going to originally get, but since I’m mostly wanting a knitting board to make afghans with, I think this one will be better. I can’t knit in the round like you can with the other board which is a drag, but this one is longer so I won’t have to sew pieces together to make afghans like I would have had to with the other one. My Love Muffin and I found this one at the Hobby Lobby in Waco. It’s the 28" Authentic Knitting Board. It’s small gauge, wood base, metal pegs, really nice. I like it alot. (Thanks Daddy) 🙂

Ultimate Sweater Machine

While looking around the net for knitting boards, the Ultimate Sweater Machine popped up a lot, and there where a lot of BAD reviews for it, but none of the reviews were clear as to WHY these people didn’t like the machine. All they would say was that it is a piece of junk and that for the price it should do more. Since The reviews DIDN’T say the machine broke or didn’t do what it claimed it could do, that made me curious. What IS wrong with it? Why didn’t these people like it?

I went into investigation mode. I decided to see if I could find some YouTube videos of the machine in action. I not only found several individuals demonstrating there machines, but I also found an entire series of how to videos. It was all VERY interesting and after watching these videos, I’m pretty sure I know what the problem is. The machine isn’t completely automatic! To make the nice fancy things, (ribbing, color work, cables) you have to actually do quite a bit by hand! (Heaven Forbid!) LOL! These people where buying these machines expecting the machine to do ALL the work for them, but what they got instead was a machine that does stockinette stitch VERY quickly, but that’s it.

The funny thing is, I never liked the idea of knitting machines, because I thought they where TOO automatic. I felt like it would take the fun out of knitting. Now that I know that even with a knitting machine you still have to do a lot of "hands on" the idea of using a knitting machine to make gifts (when time is an issue) is appealing to me. I wouldn’t want to give up my knitting needles. I enjoy them too much for that, but ya, I could see myself getting a knitting machine in the future. Not anytime soon, but you never know, maybe some day.

Loom Knitting Faster Than Needle Knitting?

Surfing the Internet I have come across people who claim that loom knitting is FASTER than needle knitting. Usually by people who are trying to sell knitting looms. I don’t believe that is true, and I feel that they are trying to mislead people just to sell there product. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy loom knitting. I enjoy it just as much as I enjoy needle knitting and crochet.

This has been MY experience with loom knitting AND needle knitting. I know how to do both, and I know how to do both well. Loom knitting was MUCH easier for me to learn than needle knitting. Most people (but not all) I’ve talked to who have tried both say that (and I agree) With needle knitting there seamed to be a lot more opportunities to make mistakes when you are first learning. The main one being dropping stitches. That’s something that I didn’t have happen with a knitting loom and in general knitting looms seam to be much more forgiving to someone just starting out. However, now that I’m GOOD at knitting with needles, I actually knit MUCH faster with my needles than I do with my looms. Does that mean I only want to knit with my needles? No, not at all. Both needles and looms have there advantages and I plan on continuing to use BOTH. I just hate it when I feel people are being dishonest, and in this case I can’t see any logical reason for them to be. There are lots of good selling points for looms. There’s no reason to be dishonest.

Daddy Your Getting me a Knitting Board

I just thought I would let my dad know that he’s getting me a knitting board. LOL

He sent me some birthday money and after adding in the shipping and handling, it’s just enough to get me a knitting board! Yea! I’ve been wanting a knitting board for a couple of years, but money is tight and a knitting board wasn’t high on the priority list. When I got the card and money, I thought "Shawn, you don’t get money to spend on yourself often. Think carefully. What would you like the most?" I knew I wanted a knitting loom, preferably a knitting board, but they can be kinda high (high for me anyway) or if they are reasonably priced, they want to charge a lot for shipping. So I started searching the Internet. Looking for the best reasonably priced knitting board without a high shipping cost. I searched for close to a week, and I found one! It’s made in the USA. It’s a home business. They make the looms themselves. (I prefer buying from people like that rather than a large company) Just that alone is cool, but the best thing about this knitting board is the unusual design. You can not only use it as a knitting board, but you can also use it as a single sided rake AND a round loom! How cool is that?! I’m so excited to try it out. I feel like a little kid weighting for Christmas. LOL! I’ll post a picture of it when it gets here. After I’m able to try it, I’ll post a review.