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Sweater Done

I finished her sweater, now I’m working on her pants. The only shoes she has though are the sandals that came with her. Doesn’t really go with a winter outfit. I wonder if I can find a shoe pattern that would fit her. At the very least, I should knit her some socks I think.

Birthday Gift

My birthday isn’t until Sep 6th, but my husband gave me my gift early. Isn’t she sweet?! She reminds me of my daughter when she was younger. She’s a 21" Robert Tonner Design Studio doll. Normally she goes for $90 but she was on clearance for $25. Gota love clearance! Now to knit a sweater for her. 🙂

Dollar Store Dolly Crochet Dress

I got this sweet little dolly at the dollar store yesterday. She was only a dollar and I just LOVE the pink hair. As soon as I got her home I crocheted this little dress for her. I think it’s very sweet and it’s a free pattern. Here’s the link to the pattern if anyone else would like to make it. Ruffled Party Dress it’s for a 4"-4.5" Kelly size doll (Barbie’s little sister).