My husband was trying to be helpful, by doing some cleaning. Well in the process he machine washed two pair of the hand knit hand wash wool socks I made. Before you try to put the blame on me, yes, I DID have them separated from the rest of the laundry, and yes I even took them away from him when I first caught him with them and told him "no, these are hand wash only. Leave them alone." HE STILL PUT THEM IN THE WASHING MACHING! He’s like that. I don’t know why, but when he goes into cleaning mode it doesn’t matter how many times I ask him to leave something alone, once about 10 to 15 mins have passed, he TOTALY forgets. I know he doesn’t do it on purpose, but it’s really frustrating. I have to watch him CONSTANTLY! He’s ruined a LOT of things because of it. When our kids were little, he used to ruin there electronic baby toys (the kind that light up and make sounds) all the time by putting them in the dish water to be cleaned after me repeatedly telling him not to, because they were not water proof and were supposed to be cleaned off with a damp cloth. Needless to say he was buying them new toys constantly, because every time he would do something like that, I would make him replace what he ruined. For the longest time I thought he wasn’t listening to me or didn’t care. I thought that by having to spend money to replace what he ruined would make him start to care, but that’s not the case at all. He actually does care, but when he’s working he becomes so focused on his task and develops such a one track mind nothing else registers to him. I still insist that he replaces anything he damages, because I feel it’s only right, but I’m a lot more understanding and forgiving about it. Although when I discovered he had ruined my hand knit socks I started to cry. ( I put a lot of work into them) Since he’s not a knitter, he can’t exactly replace those.  You know what I mean? He did buy me enough wool sock yarn to make five pairs of socks to replace the two pair he ruined. The extra yarn is to make up for all the work I put into making the other socks. (I thought that was sweet. 🙂 So now I’m feeling much better and I’m excited for the pretty new sock yarn to get here. (I ordered it from knitpicks)