I’m using the lion brand light n lively tank top pattern, but I’m making LOTS of alterations, because this isn’t a very good pattern. The sizing is WAY off. Your probably wondering "well then why are you using the pattern?" It’s because I can’t find anything I like in my size! I’m a big girl and everything I’ve found in my size is god awful ugly! I figure I had a better chance of ending up with something I like by altering this pattern.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I made the bra cups for what the pattern says is 2x and instead of connecting the bodice band I left them separate to create straps I can tie (I want to make sure that area is tight enough to give my breasts support) Then after measuring myself I determined that I need to follow the bodice part of the patten for the large size. (to show you how far the sizing is off on this pattern, I normally wear a 2x or 3x.) I’ve tried on what I have done so far and the bodice is fitting nicely at this point, but the bra cups, even though I made them in the 2x size are still too small for me. (I’m a DD) So after I’m finished with the bodice, I will be adding more coverage to the bra cups.