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I took some pictures today!

I finally got around to taking pictures! 🙂

The first one is of the spiral socks I’m working on. The next one is one of the rummy tile bags I made, and the last one is the heart afghan I made for my husband. (I finished the afghan this morning)

Spiral Tube Socks

I’m sorry I still haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of the tile bags I made. I’ve completed knitting them both, but I still need to put a draw string on one. I’ve started a new travel project though. I’m making spiral tube socks. I’ve made lots of socks in the past, but none have confused me as much as these suckers have. The funny thing is….. There supposed to be for beginners. Since I’m at least an intermediate sock maker I figured it would be a breeze. NOT! It’s taken me frogging the things three times to finally figure out that what has been confusing me is that not only does the pattern spiral, but the ending and beginning of the row also travels around the needles. With this pattern a stitch marker is an absolute must, because every fifth row your end/beginning moves over a couple of stitches. LOL not what I’m used to at all! None of the sock patterns I’ve knitted in the past has done that, so I’ve never bothered to mark the beginning of my row, I always just used the tail from when I cast on to let me know where it was. Live and learn I guess lol.

Tile Bags

I’ve been knitting bags for Rummy Tiles. I love the Rummy Tile game, but the tiles make a big mess and the draw pile takes a lot of space on the table, so I knitted a bag for them. I’ve made one bag so far and I’m working on another for the game at my mother in-laws house. The bags work really well. You just put the tiles in the bag, shake them up, and then draw straight from the bag instead of a pile on the table.
These bags would probably work well for dominoes also.
I’ll post photos and a description of how I made them later.