When I was untangling all the yarn the other day, I came across a loom knit sock I was working on for one of my sons. I had completely forgotten about it. I was glad to find it though, because my husbands afghan has gotten so large it’s not very good for travel yarn play. A sock on the other hand, that’s perfect for travel. I was making the sock on an adult sock loom, the one I always make mine and my daughters loom knit socks on. Normally I do an e-wrap to do my knit stitches(nice and strechy), but when you use the e-wrap the stitches slowly spiral, so to get the heal and toe to line up properly you have to offset the first few stitches of the toe. I thought this time I would use the flat stitch instead, because with the flat stitch off setting the toe is not necessary, everything lines up as it should, BUT… With the flat stitch, the stitch tends to be tighter. That made the sock I was working on MUCH too small. (I had to frog it. Rip-it, Rip-it) I guess if I want to use the flat stitch I’ll have to use a larger size loom.