I’m a little over half way done with the heart afghan. I really excited about it. This is the third afghan I’ve started in my life, but the first two didn’t work out. The first one I started when I was a 15 living with my grandmother. Before it was completed my grandmother passed away and my brother and I had moved in with my father. I ran out of yarn and I needed more to finish and well….. lets just say daddys look at buying yarn differently than grandmothers do. So the part I had done got put into storage in hopes that when I got old enough to get a job I would be able to buy the yarn I needed and finish it. Unfortunately it was one of many things that disappeared from my storage. Frustrated and disgusted at loosing all the work I had done, I didn’t try again until I was 20. This time it was a full size blanket for my fence (now husband) since it was soooo big and heavy and we live in Texas I couldn’t stand to work on it during the summer, but I loved working on it in the winter. It kept me nice and toastie. I ended up working on it for three winters and had it almost half way done (like I said it was a really BIG blanket) and I put it away for the summer. The next winter when I took it out to work on it some more I discovered rats had chewed a it all to pieces to make themselves a nest. I was so angry about all the work I had put into it just to have it destroyed by rats, it actually gave me chest pains. I have refused to even consider making another blanket (other than baby blankets)for the past 13 years. So if I’m able to actually complete this one it’s going to be a VERY big deal.