Is my daughter a tatter?! Could be! She decided to give shuttle tatting a try last night. So far I’ve taught her how to make a chain and a picot. The verdict is still not out yet, but she seems to be enjoying herself. (I’ve got my fingers crossed)
What got her intrested was when she saw the tatted stars I learned to make. As soon as she saw what I had done, she picked up one of my shuttles, studied it, watched me for a little while, then asked if I would mind showing her how to do it. Of corse since I’ve been trying to get her intrested in some sort of craft for several years now. I was thrilled she even asked. She actualy cought on to what I showed her fairly quick, which is encouraging, because as with most tweens and teens as well as some adults, if something is too chalanging for them, they give up on it quickly. So the fact that she was catching on before she got discouraged has me hopefull. As a matter of fact I’m so hopeful that I’ve already started shopping around on the internet for tatting supplys to give her for Christmas. LOL! I know, I know, I’m not going to start buying stuff already, I’m going to give it about a week, to see if she is still enjoying herself. If she is still doing it after a week, I can be pretty sure it’s something she likes and will most likely continue to do.
Here is a picture of one of the stars I made that got her intrested.