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My Girl

My daughter was so cute today hehe
When I picked her up from school, her friend came out to the car with her and she wouldn’t let me leave until she pulled the scarf I’m knitting for her out of my knitting bag to show her friend how cool it is. LOL! I’m glad she likes it so much.

I get slightly anoyed

I understand that most people who don’t knit or crochet could care less what the difference is between the two. To them it’s all the same.
Most of the time it doesn’t bother me when someone sees me knitting and calls it crochet or sees me crocheting and calls it knitting. It’s a harmless mistake most non crocheters and non knitters make. BUT…… If you are trying to SELL something to knitters and crocheters, I think you should at least be aware that knitting is done with knitting needles and crochet is done with a crochet hook.
I was just window shopping on ebay and the more I looked the more annoyed I got. I was thinking of adding a charm to my bracelet and I thought it would be nice to have a knitting or crochet themed charm. Well they had charms, but most of them were something like this. “I  Crochet” then there would be a picture of KNITTING needles. I both knit AND crochet, but I’m sorry I wouldn’t wear that. If I’m going to wear something that says I love crochet, I want to see a crochet hook NOT knitting needles!!

Scarf Progress

I took my daughter to the store yesterday and let her pick out what colors she wanted her scarf to be.
I wasn’t sure at first, but it’s turning out great! I took a couple of pictures this morning so you can see.  
The photo with the strips is looking at the scarf straight on and the photo with the hearts is looking at it at an angle.

Shadow Heart Scarf

A lady from one of the groups I belong to posted the project she was working on. It is this really cute heart scarf done in shadow/illusion knitting and she gave me the pattern! It was a free pattern she found on line, but the sight she got it from is no longer up, so unfortunatuly I can’t give you the link to it.
The pattern is mostly just a chart. I had to do research online about shadow knitting to know what to do. I was going to try to get started on it last night but I wasn’t able to. I’m definitely starting on it today. I plan on giving it to my daughter for Christmas.

Finished Last Monkey

I finished the last crochet monkey last night. I’m verry proud of my son for being so patent and weighting while I crochet his little brother’s monkey and both of his cousins monkeys.
My son was asleep when I finished the monkey, so I put it in his arms while he was sleeping. 🙂

Pattern and Ravelry

Yea! I found my pattern today while I was cleaning. I was wright. It did fall out of my knitting bag, but thank goodness is fell out in the house and not somewhere outside. It ended up being underneath a pile of clean cloths. LOL!
Earlier today I decided to check and see where I was on the Ravelry weighting list, because I still hadn’t received my invitation. When I checked I found out they had sent me an invite last month! I guess hotmail thought it was junk mail and filtered it out. So they resent it for me and I’m now craftmommy there if anyone wants to look me up.

Pay it forward

September 25
I am participating in the Pay it Forward Exchange. It is based on the premise of the movie Pay it Forward. I promise to make a hand made gift for the first three people who leave a comment to this post. In return,  those three people must also promise to make a hand made gift for the first three people to post on their blog. The gift does not have to be knit. It can be sewn, crocheted, scrapbooked, etc., as long as the gift is handmade. I have six months to make and send your gift to you and so on.
I am really excited about this and would like to pay it forward to the next three people who comment to this post.  If you would like to be an angel, leave a comment at the bottom of this post or leave a comment in the guestbook.
Additional information can be found at Go to the forums section and the to the knit along section. Information can be found at as well.
So which three lucky people will agree to be my angel?…