I had my birthday on the 6th and I received some birthday money. Now normally what I’m supposed to do with birthday money is to get something fun for me, because anytime I’ve ever done anything responsible with it, it will aggravate who ever gave me the money. (same thing for mothers day) So because of that, birthday money and mothers day money is usually when I buy nice crafty stuff for me that I normally wouldn’t.  That’s how I got my Options knitting needles and my sock looms.
This year though my pet mice needed a larger cage, (the mice and a tube cage were my birthday gift from my husband and children) so I bought them an add on. ( a maze that attaches to there tube cage) My husband agreed they needed more room, but he didn’t like that I spent my birthday money on it. So he said the mice were just borrowing it and as soon as we can afford it, there going to pay me back, because he wants me to spend it on myself instead. LOL!  (the funny thing here is that he is one of the worlds worst at wanting to spend HIS birthday money on me and the kids instead of HIM. hehe He’s a sweet, kind and loving man. I couldn’t have asked for better.)
I’ve been thinking about what I would like to get, and I think I’ve decided on a knitting board. I love my sock looms, but they are small and I’m limited on the size projects I can do on them. Plus my sweety pie really wants me to knit him a blanket and a knitting board would be a fun way to make it. I was thinking I wanted to make his blanket double knit, so it will be thick and warm and both sides will look nice instead of having a right side and a wrong side, and a knitting board is a nice way to make double knit fabric.
Of course my father and brother will also be getting something made on the knitting board since they are the ones who sent me the birthday money in the first place. hehe