I stayed up way to late last night watching movies and knitting. Not because of nightmaires thank goodness, but because I wasn’t very tired and I was enjoying myself. I’m paying for it this morning though. I had a hard time getting myself out of bed to get the kids ready and off to school.
When it turned bed time last night, my youngest was already asleep curled up on one side of my lap in the recliner. He looked very comfortable so instead of disturbing him, I went ahead and let him sleep there for a while. I also had our tom cat sleeping on the other side of my lap and in the middle of all this cuddling, I’m knitting on my sweater. hehe I got to a part in my knitting were I need to place some of the stitches on a stitch holder. Well since I was quite buried and I didn’t want to move to much so as not to disturb those who were sleeping on me, the only thing I could reach was my knitting bag. Thankfully I had a couple of stitch holders in there. I was reminded though about how much I don’t like them. The kind I used last night are the kind that look like large safety pins. The problem I have with them is that they come open way to easy for my taste. If I have to leave stitches on them for any amount of time, they will inevitably come open in my bag, come out of my stitches, which then risks some of my work coming unraveled. They work well as short term stitch holders, but if you need a stitch holder that needs to stay put for a good long while my favorite thing to use by far are the short 24" Knit Picks Options cables with the little end caps. They stay put and are very comfortable to work around since they are flexible. The first thing I did this morning after I droped the kids off at school was to take out the metal stitch holder and replace it with a cable. (so much nicer)