Well I got my nieces package mailed off today, bought the yarn for the monkeys, and I’m also loom knitting some yellow socks for my 10 year old. I also plan to get my sewing machine going some time this week so I can start working on the pads for my MIL again and a friend of mine wants to try cloth pads out so I’m going to make her a couple. I also need a few more for myself, because most of mine were damaged in a tragic laundry accident.
Wow, I’ve got a lot on my crafty to do list! Lets see, right now I’m actively working on 6 different projects.
1.) Red Sweater
2.) Purple Socks on DPNs for my daughter
3.) Yellow Socks on sock loom for my 10 year old
4.) Monkeys for my nephews
5.) Little white crochet doll dresses for my friend Christie
6.) Cloth pads for MIL, my friend, and me.