I thought I would post a picture of my sock bucket. It’s this neat little clear hard plastic container that has a handle and a hole in the lid to thread yarn though. It’s just the right size for sock knitting. Thus the reason I call it my sock bucket.
If you are a sock knitter and enjoy taking your knitting with you like I do, I highly recommend a sock bucket.
I’ve had my sock bucket for a very long time, since before I even started knitting (I’m not counting when my great grandmother taught me how to do the knit stitch when I was 11. I’m talking about when I actually started knitting for real a couple of years ago) I bought the bucket to use with my crochet, but most of my crochet projects ended up being to large for my little bucket. Then when I learned to make socks with a knitting loom, my sock loom wouldn’t fit through the opening of the bucket, and when I first learned to knit with needles the long single pointed knitting needles I was using didn’t fit. So for a while my little bucket didn’t get much use, that is until I learned to make socks with double pointed needles and circular needles. That’s when I discovered what a wonderful treasure my little bucket was. It’s large enough to hold the yarn I need, the socks I’m working on, and either my double points or my circulars, but it’s not so big that it is awkward to cary around. And believe me I carry it around a LOT. The handle makes it easy to cary, the hard plastic it’s made from ensures that your double points will not accidentally poke through, and the hole in the top of the lid for the yarn means that the yarn wont accidentally come out of the container and go rolling across the floor getting dirty and possibly tangled around someones feet. I’ve had that happen to me at the dr’s office, a little girl pulled my yarn out of my open knitting bag while I was knitting ,she dropped it and it went rolling getting all tangled up in a man’s feet as he was walking by. If I had been using my sock bucket that would not have happened, because I would not have needed to have a open knitting bag next to me making my yarn accessible to someones misbehaving toddler. With my sock bucket the yarn is being pulled from a closed container instead.
I bought mine at walmart, but I’ve found them for sale on line also at  HangerCity , CreateForLess, and Jo-Ann