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Girly Pad Bag

Here’s the girly pad bag I made last night.
It’s 10  inches wide and 5 inches high. I sewed in a recycled zipper to close it. (I’m always saving buttons and zippers off of things)
It’s just the right size to hold four glad rags pads or three of my longer all-in-one pads. (my all-in-one pads are approximately ten inches  long)

Cloth Pads 4 me

I think I mentioned that there was a tragic laundry accident that damaged allmost all my pads. 
Now I’m trying to replace them. So far I’ve made three of my all in one design, (They are folded into thirds, with a water proof layer, and wrap around tabs. ) and four Glad Rags style pads. I also ordered the Personal Things pattern.  I’ll be making some of those when it gets here.
Here’s a picture of the ones I have finished.  Isn’t the table cloth material with the black ants funny! Talk about having ants in your pants. LOL!

Monkey Head

I’ve made a little progress on the first monkey. I posted a picture of what I’ve done so  far. Can you tell it’s supposed to be a monkey yet?
Thanks for the suggestions about yarn storage Tammy. I think I might get a box of large freezer bags to keep the things I don’t have containers for.


The bad thing about me working on multiple projects is that I don’t have enough bags to put them in! Three of my projects don’t have a bag or container, so I’ve been putting them on the floor next to the love seat. I thought it was a good place to put them, because it’s a place that’s out of the way from the regular goings on and it’s easy for me to reach and work on while we are all watching TV in the evening, but this morning I wake up to discover one of our pets has thrown up on my yarn! I’m going to try putting the skein of yarn in a lingerie bag and throw it in the washing  machine. I just don’t know what else to do. Any body have any other ideas?


Well I got my nieces package mailed off today, bought the yarn for the monkeys, and I’m also loom knitting some yellow socks for my 10 year old. I also plan to get my sewing machine going some time this week so I can start working on the pads for my MIL again and a friend of mine wants to try cloth pads out so I’m going to make her a couple. I also need a few more for myself, because most of mine were damaged in a tragic laundry accident.
Wow, I’ve got a lot on my crafty to do list! Lets see, right now I’m actively working on 6 different projects.
1.) Red Sweater
2.) Purple Socks on DPNs for my daughter
3.) Yellow Socks on sock loom for my 10 year old
4.) Monkeys for my nephews
5.) Little white crochet doll dresses for my friend Christie
6.) Cloth pads for MIL, my friend, and me.

My Monkeys

I finally sewed the snaps on the Barbie outfits. I packaged the outfits and Barbie up to send to my niece, but I ran out of boxing tape, so I’m not going to be able to mail today like I thought I was. I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow morning. I could mail it the way it is, but I would rather not take the chance. I don’t want her getting an empty package. Yes, that does happen.
Because we are so far away from any decent shopping, except for groceries, most of my shopping is through the mail, and twice since we have moved here I’ve received empty packages. Let me tell you, it’s extremely disappointing to be waiting for something to arrive and then get an empty package instead!
I think I’m going to have to get some more yarn before I start crocheting the monkeys for my nephews. I was looking through my little stash and I don’t think I have enough. Especially since when I’m done with the ones for my nephews, I’m going to make a couple for my sons to. They both LOVE monkeys. hehe my ten year old is always running around saying "I’m a monkey!" and my five year old boasts about having incredible "monkey powers". Then he proceeds to climb up the door frame. (Gota love boys. LOL!)


I found this cute monkey pattern. I’m going to try to make a couple for my brothers boys.
Since I’ve been making special things for there sister, I don’t want them to feel left out or that Aunt Shawn doesn’t love them.