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Matching Skirt

I felt like doing some more sewing this morning so I made a matching skirt for the top I already made.

I took a break

I took a break last night from knitting my sweater to make a Barbie outfit for my niece.
I didn’t have a pattern, I just eyeballed everything. The top was hand sewn. (I prefer to hand sew Barbie clothes because they are so small.) The skirt was knit in the round using the magic loop method. With worsted weight yarn and size five needles in a simple rib stitch.
I think the outfit turned out ok, but in the picture she looks a little pregnant. LOL!
Hopefully my niece will like the cloths.

Red Sweater

Announcing my new project! hehe

In just a few moments I’m going to cast on for a new red sweater for myself. Yep you heard me right, it’s for ME! I need one badly. I have a poor old brown cardigan that I got as a hand me down. I wear the thing all the time, because it’s so easy to throw on and it’s just the right weight for when I’m at church and they are trying to freeze me with the air conditioner, but now it needs to be replaced. Since my funds are limited right now and I need the sweater to be able to take a lot of abuse I’m going to make it out of good old red heart.

Ok, now I’m off to play with my needles and my cheep but I think pretty red yarn. (I’m so glad red heart is such an affordable yarn)


I learned to knit cables!


I wanted to show you the cool stuff my friend Christie gave me.
1.) Knitpicks Chart keeper
2.) Sock it to me sock chart
3.) Wooden cable needles
4.)Magic Marble Teleidoscope
5.) Pattern book
I’ve been enjoying them all so much! Thank you Christie!

I shouldn’t have

I really shouldn’t have, but I did. I got the new Harry Potter knitting book! Charmed Knits
We are such huge Harry Potter fans at my house and they are on sale right now. (about $10.00)
This is one book even my husband wanted me to get. I think he’s the biggest Harry Potter fan out of all of us!   hehe

Biweekly Classes!

I just agreed to teach a biweekly knitting/crochet class at my house! One of the ladies at church called me yesterday and said several of the members had expressed an interest in learning and would I be willing to teach them. She said it wouldn’t be a large group, but large enough that there is a need for a class. I’m so excited! I’ve wanted something like this for so long! It will be wonderful to have so many people to craft with. I’m already envisioning group charity projects! This is going to be so much fun!!