I actually did finish a couple of projects last week. I finished the hand towel I was making in the waiting room at the Drs office. (my youngest was sick) Then while we were in the examination room waiting for the Dr to come in, I closed up the toe of my son’s sock. He was very excited and insisted on wearing the socks out of the Dr’s office. hehe
I haven’t gotten around to taking a picture of what I did because I ended up getting sick to. I had to go to the emergency room Sunday. I had strep throat and it was so badly swollen that I was having trouble breathing! I had never had strep throat before, so I didn’t realize that’s what it was. Other wise I would have gone to the Dr before it got to that point. All I knew was it didn’t feel like a normal sore throat to me and I guess I was right.
I’m still not well and at this point I’m still highly contagious, but I do feel much better. I’m not in the kind of pain I was in before. So I will try to post pictures of my projects soon.