I finally got around to finishing my fingerless gloves. I plan on keeping them in my knitting bag. I wanted them because when my hands get cold it really makes my arthritis ackee and not so nice to knit. I thought these would be just the ticket to take care of that problem. They will keep my hands warm with just enough of my fingers exposed to be able to knit. I know most of you are thinking this is an odd time of year to be making these, but here in Texas during the summer I often find myself in places that people get carried away with the AC. For some reason many businesses, churches, and the occasional home feel like you have walked into a fridge, and cold from the AC can cause me just as much arthritic discomfort as outside cold during the winter.
If you have arthritis or just think it would be cool to have some, here’s how I made them.
Using your preferred method of knitting in the round (DPs, one long circular, or two short circulars) With fingering sock weight yarn cast on 64 stitches on size one needles. Do a k2 p2 rib for approximately 28 rows. Then cast off 7 or 8 stitches  (this is for the thumb hole) Continue around then cast on the same number of stitches you cast off on the previous round. Continue until gloves are the desired length. Super duper easy!
This pattern is altered from a pattern a very nice lady from one of my internet groups gave to me. The pattern she gave me was meant for much thicker yarn and since I wanted to be able to use these year round I wanted to use the thinner sock yarn instead.  (plus it was a good excuse to use my special mothers day yarn I’ve been saving 🙂