I got to teach someone to knit on Tuesday. I started her on a garter stitch wash cloth. I’m so excited, because she seams to really love knitting! Wednesday after she got off work she came by the house so I could show her how to bind off. (take the knitting off the needles) Her stitches were actually really good, not much problem with her tension at all. I also didn’t see any holes in her work. The only real problem I could see was that she kept adding stitches, but that’s completely normal for someone who is just starting out. Considering this is her very first project I think she is doing fantastic. She is so excited and enthusiastic about knitting I have a feeling it wont be long before she catches up to me in knitting knowledge. She ‘s already wanting me to teach her how to do the more complicated color knitting! (I forget what it’s called, but it’s on my list of things I want to learn) I told her I can’t teach what I don’t know! I also told her I thought it best that she learned how to purl next. LOL!
I thought I would be able to show you guys the fingerless gloves today, but I find myself knitting wash cloths to give as a shower gift for a wedding we are going to this weekend. So fare I have two done. the first has a daffodil on it and the other has a frog. The one I’m working on now has a swan. I’m posting pictures of those instead. Usually when I scan something in, it shows up a little better, but I guess since it’s white it’s making it hard to see AND since I don’t know what colors there house is done in, all the cloths are going to be white. (sorry about that guys) Hopefully you will be able to make out the design though.