We have a lady who belongs to our church, but I had never met her before because she doesn’t go. She is in what I like to call a "mixed marriage" where she is one religion and her husband is another. Since her husbands church is closer, she has been attending his church. Even though she doesn’t come we still consider her a member of our church and feel she is still entitled to have all the benefits of being a member. That includes having visiting teachers and home teachers. I am one of her visiting teachers. We all have two who will go as partners to visit each sister we have been assigned at least once a month. The purpose of visiting teachers is for 1) fellowship (there are some sisters who are very isolated and very rarely have contact with people) 2) to check to see if there is some sort of need we can help with (most people are unwilling to admit when they need help, but when you go to someones home a lot of times if there is some sort of need you will be able to spot it. Some times it’s something as simple as giving a hand with house work for a sister who has been sick or something like a ride to the Dr or grocery store. Other times it’s a matter of organizing a work party to go to the persons house to do some sort of work or make some sort of repair that is needed but the person can’t do it themselves or afford to pay someone to do it. Then there are times that maybe the person needs food because they had to spend all there money on utilities and had little or nothing left for food. It’s a visiting teachers job to look for and try to spot these type of things. Home teachers and visiting teacher are also the people you are supposed to call anytime you need help or there is an emergency. It’s sort of a support system our church has set up.
Today I got a call from this lady. I could tell she was a little nervous when she called. I was afraid something was very wrong, and I was bracing myself to hear what it was. Turns out she wanted help with her crochet! LOL!
Last month was the first time I had been assigned to her so it was the first time I had been to her home. When I walked in I was thrilled to see that next to a comfortable recliner was a beautiful crochet afghan in progress, and her living room had several crochet items laying around. I told her how excited I was to meet another crafter. She was clearly shocked when I recognized that the afghan she was working on was called a mile a minute afghan, and you could tell she was pleased that I was enjoying myself so much.
The reason she called me was because I knew what kind of afghan that was. Turns out that piece was a work in progress being done by a lady’s son at her husbands church. The woman’s son had passed away and his mother asked her if she would complete it for her. She was able to look at what he had done and was able to figure out how to make the strips, but couldn’t figure out how she was supposed to connect the strips to each other. She thought maybe since I knew what it was, that I might know. Unfortunately I have never actually done that type of afghan my self so I’m not sure either, but since I have internet access, I told her I would do my best to get as much information as I could on that type of afghan and take it to her.
She was pretty happy about that. Since she doesn’t have internet and our public library only has ONE book on knitting. (I know I checked)