There has been a lot of stress at my house lately. First it was with my daughter. One of her teachers mistakenly told the state rep that my daughter was NOT dyslexic. My daughter IS dyslexic and because the teacher did that it caused many of my daughters rights to be taken away. So I had to get all that straightened out. Now my son has gotten into several fights at school over the past few weeks and this past week he was suspended for three days. Needless to say, my nerves have been on edge. I was thinking the other day how glad I was to have my knitting to help keep me calm. I make a point of knitting for half an hour every day. Normally what I do is I leave a half an hour early to pick the kids up from school. That way I get a good parking spot, it’s quiet, no dog barking, no TV, no tela marketers calling and bothering me. This is also the time of day my 5 year old normally takes his nap. (He’s usually asleep by the time we get to school) It’s a time of day I always look forward to. When the only thing I hear is the sounds of birds chirping, my sons breathing, and the click of my knitting needles.  (It’s relaxing me just thinking about it) hehe