Here a while back I was on a mission to find the perfect knitting light. I had been using a LED book light to knit by at night. (I have insomnia quite a bit) The light was plenty bright for me to see my stitches, but not so bright that it disturbed anyone’s sleep. The problem was because it was designed to attach to a book and since I wasn’t holding a book I was holding knitting needles. It was difficult for me to get the light to stay put where I wanted it to be. I found that it worked best if I could attach it to the front of my night gown and shine it down onto my hands, but it wasn’t very comfortable.
I started looking around for some sort of craft light that I could hang around my neck and guess what. I found one!
It works great! It’s called Reading light solutions and its made by Rayovac. I got mine from Walmart for about ten dollars.
It has two LED lights that can be adjusted to shine straight in front of you or down by using a switch that is on the top of the light. It comes with a neck cord and a clip, and uses three AAA batteries.
I’ve been using it for about two weeks and now that I know it works well for what I wanted, I decided it was time to share my happy find with you. It’s now one of my knitting must haves. On my list of things I want with me when I knit, it ranks right up there with measuring tape.