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A new knitter in the family?

I got a call from my aunt today, and while we were talking she mentioned that my cousin (one of her daughters) had been talking about wanting to knit. This has gotten my hopes up. Oh how I would LOVE to have someone else I know knit, and have someone to share my passion of knitting with. I’m trying not to get my hopes to high, because I here people all the time say they would like to be able to knit, but they aren’t willing to put in the effort it takes to learn. I really, really, REALLY hope she is serious. It would make me soooooo happy.
I’m going to e-mail her tonight and find out if this is something she is serious about. If it is I’m going to do my best to help.

Simple knitting

Lately I haven’t been doing anything to complicated. Since the last time I posted, I have completed my MIL’s socks. Then I figured out how to make socks with heals using the magic loop. We got some wooden domino holders for Christmas, and I noticed that they were getting banged up because we didn’t have any way to store them, so I knitted a draw string bag for them. That got me to thinking wouldn’t it be nice to have something to cary dice around in my bag in. (my brain was thinking about games)  The kids and I enjoy playing Farkel and its something nice to have on hand if you find your self having to wait a long time some where. So I knitted a little draw string dice bag. (I’ve finished knitting it, but I still need to take it off the needles.) Then when the kids went back to school, my daughters Flutophone (a musical instrument for those of you who have never heard of such a thing) arrived and she has requested that I make a draw string bag for it as well. I just cast on for that earlier this evening.
Good night all.